Welkom op de Website van Stichting Fabel


Stichting Fabel is de overkoepelde stichting voor de Fantasy Live Role-Play setting 7 Realms en de Science-Fiction Live Role-Play setting SevCol.

Daarnaast worden er vanuit stichting Fabel workshops, shortlarps en knutseldagen georganiseerd.

Crafting Day

We will have a collaborated craft day between Fabel and Fanaat. It will take place on Sunday the 14th of January and will be a free walk-in event! The DK will be open at 12:00, with room and people crafting all sorts of things, ranging from LARP gear to desk ornaments. The idea is to bring your own crafting supplies and tools, and of course, have fun!

SevCol 9 – An Assembler Darkly

SevCol is proud to present its third role-play event of 2017: SevCol 9: An Assembler Darkly. Just like last times we will be organizing a multi-day game! We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between.
The coming event will be held at the ‘Performance Factory’ in Enschede (Projectbureau). Please note that we absolutely require 25 paid registrations by October 15th , as well as at least 5 people to help on the Friday before the event with the preparations, for the event to proceed.

We felt the need to create a more structured and defined ruleset, which is why we have created a new rulebook. This is a work in progress and is open to revision, which is why we invite all of you to comment on the new rulebook. A link can be found on the website. We fully intend to use this rule the following event, which will mean a short check-in before the event, so please be on time.

The Luna Crisis seems to be under control, for now. An interim government is slowly forming, with the promise of elections in the near future. With the Celestra now available for employment, several potential employers have presented themselves covertly. Amongst them, the Earth Intelligence Agency INTEL, and SevCol. Both groups express interest in gathering information on the Jovian Moons.
Two months after leaving Luna, the crew gathers on SevCol station to figure out their next move.

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SevCol September 5th: The Mystery at LC-247b

We are happy to announce the second SevCol event, that will take place on a railway yard in Amersfoort !  A small and agile spaceship will be built using two real-life trains, generously made available by the Stichting Historisch Dieselmateriaal. The ship will be used for an in-game mission to find out what happened to a mining colony on asteroid 4179 Toutatis. What is the reason for the sudden loss of all contact with the colony ? Pirates ? A labour strike ? A corporate takeover ? Or perhaps a catastrophical technical failure ? Join the mission to find out ! It will be a one-day event, focussing on what-you-see-is-what-you-get roleplay in an immersive science-fiction environment.

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7 Realms 1-3 Mei 2015: Zorgeloos naar het Zegenfeest van de Zevende

Beste spelers, NPCs en geïnteresseerden,

Wij willen jullie van harte uitnodigingen voor onze 7Realms Live RolePlaying (LRP) activiteit op 1 mei tot 3 mei op ons vaste terrein in Eibergen, georganiseerd door stichting Fabel in samenwerking met spellenvereniging Fanaat en met theatersportvereniging ProDeo, en gesteund door cultuurkoepel Apollo. Dit zal de zevende activiteit van 7Realms zijn.

De activiteit is genaamd: “Zorgenloos naar het Zegenfeest van de Zevende”

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SevCol Academy, March 21st 2015

Dear Larpers,

Stichting Fabel is proud to announce that the SevCol team, following their succesfull roleplay in December, is about to launch their second activity. On Saturday March 21st the second SevCol activity will take place. During this activity, we will not board a spaceship; we have too much that remains to be built before we are able to do that. However, you will be able to try your hand at controlling one.


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De Onheilspellende Opmars van een Onbehaaglijk Onraad: Seven Realms Oktober 2014

Ruim anderhalve maand geleden is een Oriaanse troepenmacht aangekomen in het dorp Dennewold. De soldaten kwamen het dorp binnen op een moment dat alles mis leek te gaan; verschillende verschrikkelijke gebeurtenissen zoals het verschijnen van een duistere tombe, het bezoek van vereffenaars die veel belastinggeld eisten van het dorp en nog vele andere onfortuinlijke gebeurtenissen liet de inwoners en bezoekers van Dennewold de moed in de schoenen zakken.

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